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HYRDAULIC PONTOON LIFT in Sudbury, Ontario for sale


Sea-Legs - The pontoon lift that goes where you go...

Save yourself one of the biggest hassles of spring -- putting in a boat lift! Sea-Legs hydraulic pontoon lift bolts to the bottom of your pontoon and stays connected as you travel from your dock to your neighbors dock, the sand bar, your favorite watering hole, etc. Yes, they are permanently attached. Sea-Legs allow you to lift your pontoon out of the water to keep your tubes clean and stop the boat from getting damaged while tied to a dock. You don't need anchors and you don't need side bumpers or to tie your boat to the dock. No need to hand crank your pontoon out of the water, just push a button on the remote and the boat lifts out of the water. Sea-Legs are available for double or triple-tube pontoons. They run off your starting battery which gets recharged when you run your motor.

Sea-Legs are sold throughout Ontario by authorized dealers, and are absolutely perfect for lakes like Nipissing, Simcoe and bays on the Georgian Bay. See them on the company website; Email a phone number if you have an interest and I can put you in touch with a local dealer.

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